Our Story

Crystal clear sea, peeble beach and terraces with sea view

Pines, mediterranean fragrant herbs, lemons, olives and flowers decorate our house and parking in front. Terraces with sea view in front of house guests can use for romantic and magical evenings and to enjoy in the sound of the sea under the light of a thousand stars.


The Beginning.

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The Peeble beach

Gravel beaches are 20 meters away from the house and they are ideal for families with Djeca because of the short shallow area at the entrance to the sea


Sea like medicine

Being near the sea side is good for your health and body. Clean sea air helps you with breathing and has positive effects to people. Swimming in sea water can benefit your skin and sea water is great for body detox.

Gastro evenings

Once in a week local chefs, apartment owners are preparing traditional food with local groceries that is famous for this area. Guest can try on of the most famous Dalmatian meals with best seafood recipe - brudet, squit, etc.

Night of fisherman

A traditional fisherman's evening is held last week in August, local people with they guests are making preparation for parangale for fishermen. After preparation fishermen are gone fishing. The next morning, the parangal is taken and the fish catch is prepared by local chefs. Lunch can be eaten about 1 p.m. We have prizes for the richest catch and for the biggest fish. Winner's announcement is in the evening with a traditional Capella song and fireworks. The party lasts until late in the night.

Pirate night

The pirate night is held at the beginning of the August. Pirates in pirate galleys come to Medići's bay in pirate uniforms. After attacking and defending the site with the galleys in Mimice, anchors are attacking the place they are defending. The procession goes with a mimic harbor with an occasional play. Spektakl in the place served with pirate cocktails is prepared for fish dishes of our region. The guests are socializing with pirates, singing, dancing late into the night.